Glenn Gould

Primary Wave Music Publishing Acquires the Music Rights to Glenn Gould

Primary Wave Music Publishing, the U.S. independent music publishing company, has announced they have acquired the music rights of classical pianist, Glenn Gould. The acquisition comes on the heels of what would have been Gould's 85th birthday and will include his publishing and master royalties, as well as his name and likeness rights.

"It is a well-known fact that Glenn Gould embraced technology and would have loved the direct-to-listener experience that is embraced by Primary Wave," said Stephen Posen, Sole Executor of the Glenn Gould Estate. "In addition, their focus on all musical genres across all media platforms is a perfect fit for Glenn Gould and we are already excited about the many new perspectives and projects that they are bringing to the table."

Canadian pianist Glenn Gould (1932 - 1982) innovated the concept of editing his recorded "takes" to create what was, for him, the perfect recorded performance, thereby teaching the recording industry how to maximize the benefits of recording. It was to explore and capitalize on the potential of recording to avoid the competitive nature of public performances that he surprised the classical world by eschewing a lucrative public concert career in 1964 at the age of 32 and retired to the recording studio. That same year, Gould predicted that "the public concert as we know it today would no longer exist a century hence, that its functions would have been entirely taken over by electronic media." Gould has received numerous accolades for his work including four Grammy Awards, three Juno Awards and the RIAA Lifetime Achievement Award. He is one of the best-known and celebrated classical pianists in modern history, with a style that was both deeply expressive and technically precise.

In September 2017, Gould's 1956 recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations will be re-released as part of a commemorative set, Glenn Gould: The Goldberg Variations - The Complete Unreleased Recording Sessions. The setwill also include a very comprehensive guide to his life and work. Additionally, noted Canadian journalist Peter Goddard will be releasing The Great Gould which contains previously unpublished and unknown writings, interviews and photographs of Glenn Gould.

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