TASCAM and Tommy Bolan Announce Giveaway

TASCAM has announced the TASCAM & Tommy Bolan Recording and Guitar Gear Giveaway Contest. Now through November 30, legal residents of the United States—age 21 or above—have the opportunity to win the guitar players ‘dream’ recording package that includes products (in addition to TASCAM) from Kali Audio, Hughes and Kettner, Morley, Apex Strings, and Cord-lox—along with swag from Heavy Metal guitarist Tommy Bolan's legendary bands.


“For me, TASCAM gear is essential,” says Tommy Bolan. “On Doro’s Forever Warriors Forever United album I recently finished working on, I received the basic tracks from Germany and I put those, along with my guitar and some backing vocal tracks on my DP-008EX and then sent them back to Germany. The actual TASCAM recorded tracks wound up on the record! The quality is there, and TASCAM is the reference standard. It’s top shelf gear.”


The TASCAM & Tommy Bolan Recording and Guitar Gear Giveaway bundle includes a TASCAM Model 12 Integrated Mixer / Production Suite, two TASCAM TM-80 condenser microphones, and two TASCAM TH-06 bass XL monitoring headphones. To accurately hear and evaluate what’s being captured, there are two Kali Audio LP-6 monitors. For achieving the best possible guitar sounds, the bundle includes a Hughes and Kettner Red Box 5 guitar cabinet simulator, a Morley Triumph and Agony Wah pedal, and ten sets of Cryos Series strings (winner chooses gauge) from Apex Strings. And to maintain order, the package also includes 24 Cord-lox mixed Velcro cable wraps complete with the TASCAM logo along with band swag from Tommy Bolan's bands Warlock, DORO, and N.Y.C.


“When you’re creating, you want something that’s easy to use,” Bolan adds. “TASCAM meets those requirements, and the quality is unbelievable—and that’s what makes this recording package giveaway so cool.”


All eligible entries received during the submission period will be gathered into a database. The winner will be chosen at random on or about December 15, 2020.

To enter, visit tascampromo.com/bolan