Out Take: Brian Lukow

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Brian Lukow: Writer/Producer/Managing Member
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://entbrands.com;
Most Recent: Crazy for the Boys

Nobody ever said it was easy to make it in Hollywood. Even in today’s herd of multiple formats, the entertainment industry tends to be a one-trick pony.

“I thought it would be an easy pitch,” creator and producer Brian Lukow says of his latest project, a music-and-film project revolving around Drama Drama, a fictional girl group. Even the man behind the successful boy band Dream Street at first found it difficult to get his project launched.

“The music industry saw Drama Drama and wanted to do a record,” Lukow remembers. "Movie people only saw the movie part. I kept running into the same frustration.”

Despite having made money for Dream Street’s home at Atlantic Records, the parent company Warner Bros. Entertainment had trouble understanding the idea behind Drama Drama’s film debut Crazy for the Boys and its attenuating music and marketing offshoots. Other companies had the same reaction but that didn’t stop Lukow.

“It’s a crazy and strange undertaking,” he says. “I have a business model to build the biggest band in the world but people looked at me like I was crazy.”

The pitch was simple. Drama Drama was to be a modern Spice Girls, a band with history as dreamed by young girls 10-12. Each member of Drama Drama has her own character which Lukow describes as over the top versions of the cast of characters someone might find in a high school cafeteria.  Crazy for the Boys is the band’s fictionalized back story which Lukow admits is “A 100-minuter commercial to blow up the band.”

That someone finally understood is testament to Lukow’s clarity of vision and persistence. As he says, “You either have to reach critical mass or you fail.”