Submit to International Songwriters Day Contest

The "International Songwriters Day Song Contest" is kicking off for its fourth year running and is looking for "songs, lyrics and music videos of an inspirational nature," to help celebrate International Songwriters Day, April 9. Contest opens Dec. 19, 2021 and runs until April 2, 2022.

The contest is open to writers all around the world, from all levels of experience. This year's theme is "Inspiration." They are looking for songs that inspire, think (new beginnings, second chances, starting over), etc. They can be ballads but they should have an element of hope or redemption in the storyline, to fit the theme.

Production and performance in the song category is not the major consideration. It's originality, melody and lyrics –the meat and bones- that the judges are looking for.

This year there is an "Indie Music Video" category (open to any artist/band who is not signed to a major label) and a Lyric/Poem category. Theme again is "Inspiration."

The judges have lived, breathed and worked in the industry for many years and have multi-awards and Grammy's to show for it. These highly talented people have one thing in common, they all love and respect a great song.

The judges are : Mike Gormley, LAPD Mgmt. who helped launch the careers of Rod Stewart, BTO, Rush, The Police, Danny Elfman, the Bangles,  Martin Isherwood, Head of Music at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Rick Rose (former staff writer for Sony ATV Nashville & Warner Chappel), Grammy winning musician/producer Daniel Ho and Diana Williamson who has written 2x#3 Billboard Hot Club chart songs and is CEO of Themusiclibrary.org.

Some wonderful prize sponsors are on board such as AirPlay Direct - Global Radio Marketing & Promotion, "The Music Registry," in depth music directories, song pitch opportunities from Broadjam," the Indie Bible (directories) and the book 101 Tips and Tricks of Successful Songwriting.

The company's contests have been voted "Top 10" by Music Connection in the past. They work hard to elevate songwriters and good songwriting. Winners will be announced on April 9, International Songwriters Day!

You can submit your songs and videos on the contest platform at: filmfreeway.com/InternationalSongwritersDaySongContest