Stomp Classic

The Stomp Classic™ pedal strobe tuner gives you absolute control over your tuning by offering 0.1 cent accuracy (1/1000th of a fret/half-step/semi-tone) and including support for 7-string guitars, electric violin and mandolin-family instruments, and more. Select, organize, and store your tuning presets on your Mac or PC for instant recall when you prefer via the PetersonConnect™ online application.. Select from even-tempered scales or "Sweetened" Tunings for a variety of instruments. A true-bypass signal path ensures that your Stomp Classic won't affect your tone when not engaged. A mutable active DI output makes the Stomp Classic perfect for recording, but its rugged design, pedal board mounting lugs, and ultra-bright display also make it invaluable onstage.

Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. is a Chicago-based, family-owned company that has been manufacturing electronic tuners since 1948. Most commonly recognized for their mechanical strobe tuning products, Peterson also offers a full line of digital hardware tuners using their patented Virtual Strobe™ Technology. Software and mobile app tuning products are also developed and supported. Peterson is dedicated to developing professional grade tuning equipment that offers excellence through innovation.

Stomp Classic™

Retail is $315.00