Close Up: Rockn Stompn

What’s In A Name: With the launch of Rockn Stompn and its flagship product the Model RS-4, Duluth, GA-based Kimball Magee combines his passion for music––he’s been playing guitar since age 14––and his 20 years experience as a manufacturer’s rep for Waber Electronics. Working for Waber, he sold “the granddaddy of all power strips.” Five years ago, he got tired of trying to turn on the rocker switch on the floor power strip- and came up with the concept for the ultimate power strip for musicians, that has taken him and his team of engineers several years to develop-—a foot-activated power sequencer/power conditioner/power strip now known as the RS-4. He began joking that the RS-4 was “a Rockn Stompn no poppin’ power strip,” and ultimately realized the name’s great branding potential.


Powering Up And Down: The golden rule is to “Always turn your main amp on last, and turn it off first” to avoid the potentially destructive loud “POP.” The Rockn Stompn simply does this automatically, powering all your equipment up or down in the proper sequence, every time, all with a tap of the footswitch. The eight power outlets made up of four duplex receptacles provide four steps of power sequencing and enables the musician to change the time delay sequence with the included screwdriver. The time delay can be quickly adjusted from one to 15 seconds to suit the user’s specific needs. The RS-4, is a state-of-the-art, UL listed surge protector with 1935 joules of protection. Its U.S. made electronic components provide the user’s valuable electronic equipment with clean, noise-free AC power––perfect for both studio and live performances. MAP $299.


Currently in Development: Rockn Stompn will soon be unveiling their latest product, a modified RS-4 with PowerCon connectors replacing the power cord. Designed for the production industry, particularly for sound companies for “live show,” it is already “road tested, tour grade and professional.”

Contact Rockn Stompn: 770-476-2387