Tragic Thrills at SXSW 2014

We found Tragic Thrills planning their SXSW takeover in a dark alley. The gents were kind enough to discuss their future and what they expected from this Austin festival. 

Music Connection: You weren’t scheduled to play this year, but for next year. How is it to be scouting the scene for next SXSW?

Tragic Thrills:  You go to all these different shows, telling people you’re in this band called Tragic Thrills and no one has any idea who you are. But on the up side, you get to see a bunch of cool bands you’ve never heard of before. It’s just hard because you want to play and you see a bunch of bands playing, but we ended up getting to play.

Music Connection: What were you looking forward to at SXSW?

Tragic Thrills: I was looking forward to discovering new artists. I feel like I’ve been stuck [listening to] just one album, so I’m looking for new things to put on my iPod.

Music Connection: This is your second installment as a new band named Tragic Thrills. Tell us about that.

Tragic Thrills: We’ve been around for about a year now. We’re just now coming out. We went on our first tour right before we came to SXSW.

Music Connection: What can we expect from Tragic Thrills this year?

Tragic Thrills: This year we plan on getting a lot better and touring a lot. We didn’t do much touring last year, but this year we want to be touring. That’s what we found out at SXSW, we need to be touring more.

Tragic Thrills’ self-titled debut album was release last October and is available on iTunes and Spotify.
For more information visit: www.thetragicthrills.com

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