Open Air Stereo Discuss The Positive Vibes At SXSW

Open Air Stereo took a minute from their chaotic South By Southwest schedule to discuss what makes playing the festival different from other shows in Los Angeles (their hometown). Members also discuss how MTV affected their career. 

Music Connection:  This isn’t your first SXSW. How is it treating you?

Open Air Stereo: It being our second time at South By, it has been proven to be a bit more of a challenge in the best of ways. We’re much [busier] and much more active. We’ve had eight shows in five days. It’s been a real blessing being able to come out here. It is a lot of hustling having to carry equipment through crowded streets, but when you get up on that stage and play, it's all worth it. South By is a collection of music lovers and the crowds are so responsive. We’re just so happy to be here.

Music Connection: How would you describe the atmosphere at SXSW?

Open Air Stereo: The atmosphere at South By is total pandemonium. Every possible building is turned into a venue. There are so many bands and 100,000s of people everywhere. It is one of the most hectic and unique experiences a new comer could ever have.

Music Connection: What do you look forward to at SXSW?

Open Air Stereo: We’re looking to get people interested. [We want] to have a lot of fun and hopefully gain some more fans out here.  Every show here has been amazing. The people have been responding really well. The biggest thing about SXSW is you have to most amazing audiences. You have people stand in crowded lines for hours to see you and sometime they don’t even know you. So you want to get up on that stage and give as much as you can every time. It pushes us harder then we have ever been pushed. It is so much fun to play for people that are so interested. We come from LA we’re everyone is just on their phones tweeting. Like we said, It is the most amazing pandemonium and organized chaos.

Music Connection: You were a part of the reality TV show Laguna Beach. How did that affect the band?

Open Air Stereo: With myself being a main character on the Laguna Beach show on MTV, it didn’t hurt us in the slightest. Some people who go on reality TV will get wasted and try to be all dramatic. We went on there and showcased the band. We showcased Open Air Stereo and what our music was about. It was a great stepping stone to move onto bigger and better things.

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