Flashback 1989 - Fleetwood Mac's Leading Ladies: Stevie Nicks & Christine McVie

MC: What about solo projects?

CM: Stevie’s already in the middle of doing a solo album while working with us. And I’m sure at some point or other, Mick Fleetwood’s Zoo will do another album. I know I’ll do a solo record, too. But the prime goal at the moment is the next Fleetwood Mac album. I’m not thinking beyond the record and touring with the band.

MC: What is it that makes solo projects such an important part of keeping Fleetwood Mac together and healthy?

SN: Why, I never thought about it that way, but in fact, it does. When people talk about me, they also talk about Fleetwood Mac. So it’s like, if I do a good solo album, it’s the greatest advertisement in the world for the next Fleetwood Mac album. If Fleetwood Mac does a great album, it’s the greatest advertisement for me. So amazingly, it works.

"...if I do a good solo album, it’s the greatest advertisement in the world for the next Fleetwood Mac album." 

MC: What attracts you to this band?

SN: No matter who’s in it, it’s still Fleetwood Mac. For me, it’s the only band that I’ve ever been in, and the only one I want to be in. I certainly wouldn’t want to start over. We’ve managed to work out all the problems. We all know where the different problems lie. All of the men and women in our lives at one time or another have said, ‘You’re obsessed with Fleetwood Mac.’ And the only answer that you can come back, really, is, ‘Yes, I am. And you either take it or you leave it.’

MC: I think all bands are like that. Many artists tell me that they’ve suffered through breakups because their wives or husbands or boyfriends or girlfriends couldn’t…

SN: Couldn’t take it. And it is hard to take, when you’re on the outside. It’s very hard to be left behind. It’s like, ‘I’m going on the road for six months – goodbye!’ and the other person is going, ‘And I’m just going to sit here every day, while you’re out doing big concerts and driving around in limousines?’ they don’t understand. Being on the road is no fun unless you’re on that stage. It’s not fun to tag along. So you don’t want to tag along. You may have family out for two or three days, but then it’s like, ‘I’m about as useful out here as a donut hole. So I’m going home.’

MC: Stevie, you once said that no matter what happens, the band manages to creep back up every time, because we all believe in this dream of Fleetwood Mac.

SN: No one wants to end a dream; everybody wants to end a nightmare. But a dream I something that if you really believe in it, you really want it to work. And I don’t think any of us here would ever want to be the reason that this dream stopped.

"No one wants to end a dream; everybody wants to end a nightmare."

MC: have you already made plans for the next Fleetwood Mac studio album?

CM: It’s in the pre-production stages. I think we’re planning to go in the studio in mid-January to start another studio record. But at the moment we’re just getting material together. We’re sorting all that out and getting Christmas out of the way.

MC: Is this greatest hits LP your way of ringing out the old and ringing in the new?

CM: Yeah… the passing of an era.

MC: What will the new Fleetwood Mac album sound like?

SN: It’s a very elusive thing, making a record. We don’t make music to sell records or to make money – we never have. We’ve had the limousines and the great hotels. The only reason now for us to make music is because we love it.

MC: Thus far, Fleetwood Mac has lasted some 21 years. It’s gone through several personnel changes, musical styles and popularity changes. Can it last 21 more years?

SN: It can last 100 more years, if that’s what we want. The only reason it’s lasted this long is because we wanted it to. And if you really want something badly, you can do it.


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