Sonos Radio & Hanif Abdurraqib Host Carly Rae Jepsen For 'Wonders of Songwriting'

With the release of a new episode featuring Carly Rae JepsenSonos Radio podcast Object of Sound completed its three-part mini-series on The Wonders of Songwriting. In a first for the acclaimed music show, host Hanif Abdurraqib has explored the ways in which songs become songs. Through his previous two conversations with Ravyn Lenae and Nick Hakim, Abdurraqib has dug into one of his deepest curiosities as a poet, essayist and critic, emerging with a better understanding of where these artists' love of language comes from, how words turn into images and music, and how ideas change as they move from the page to the intangible space of melody and vibration, evolving through each musicians' individual process and many phases. 

As a longtime fan of Carly Rae Jepsen, the final installment of The Wonders of Songwriting marks a personal milestone amidst the dozens of culture-shaping guests that Hanif Abdurraqib has hosted on Object of Sound. "What I love about Carly Rae Jepsen as a songwriter is that she seems so committed to theme, and so committed to seeing an idea or an emotion through to its final conclusion," he explains. Together they talk at length about the masterful songwriting on her brand new album The Loneliest Time and how she called on friends to help her pick which of her hundreds of songs to include on it, as well as working with Rostam, and dislodging herself from the idea that she had to make sense of something for the listener, and being moved to tears by the music of James Taylor. The episode is also accompanied by Abdurraqib's specially-curated playlist of songs to cry to. 

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