Luke Stamenkovich

Luke Stamenkovich
Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Instrumental Rock

Guitarist Luke Stamenkovich and company deliver the kind of instrumental themes that anyone can appreciate. Yes, he’s clearly an adept player whose fretwork can dazzle, but he doesn’t over-indulge. He’s not from the Satriani school of ax-wielding, no prog-rock or math rock indulgence here. “Crossroads” pays tribute to the blues with a catchy, amblin’ hook in which the guitarist contributes silky, bluesy 12/8 shuffle licks with ease. “Memories” is gentle and warm and is imbued with delicate, concise fingerwork. The upbeat and rockin’ “Alfred’s Coffee Jam” is a feel-good theme with strong drums and a fast, ripping bass line—bluesy to the bone. Film/TV folks should tap this artist for his accessible, down-to-earth sounds.