Sonic Temple Festival Announces a Welcome Homecoming to Columbus

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters at Sonic Temple Festival in 2019

After four years, Sonic Temple Festival is finally returning to Columbus, Ohio on Memorial Day weekend! This year, the festival expands to four days, running from May 25th-28th, packed with a massive lineup guaranteed to reinvigorate the eager fans of Ohio and the surrounding area. 

Among the huge lineup for this year, nothing could be more appropriate than the return of the Foo Fighters to the stage. When Sonic Temple premiered in 2019 (taking the mantle from the former Rock on the Range festival), Foo Fighters were the weekend closer, performing an unforgettable set. In the four years since then, the world has changed dramatically. We’ve battled through COVID and the Foo Fighters have lost Taylor Hawkins. Every year, I tell my friends that I’m heading to Columbus, regardless of what the lineup looks like. That’s true once again this year, but the catharsis that another headlining set from the Foo’s will bring, to c closeout the weekend, is something I’ll be looking forward to for the next several months.

Avenged Sevenfold’s Synyster Gates at Rock on the Range 2018

In addition to the Foo Fighters, the headliners at this years’ festival include Tool, Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, Queens of the Stone Age, KISS, Rob Zombie and the Deftones! There’s something in here for everyone! Regardless of what scratches your particular itch, however, the real highlight of this festival is never in an individual band. The gem of Sonic Temple is the total experience to be had in Columbus, Ohio.

As you’ll see from my previously published festival “survival guide” here, this festival has a ton to offer in addition to the artists on state. 

Note: The guide linked above is from 2019. Look for an updated version this year to include any new highlights or changes that may have taken place as Sonic Temple returns. Either way, the water and sunscreen are still a must!

Godsmack’s Sully Erna at Rock on the Range 2018

For those staying outside the festival grounds, the city of Columbus has so much to offer as well. There are plenty of great local breweries, restaurants and bars to choose from. In the coming months, look for more on that as well.

If you’re considering attending your first festival, there’s a few things you’ll want to know:

It’s Not About How Many Bands You Like

This sounds counter-intuitive, I know. The truth of the matter is, you do not want to love every band on the lineup. This creates a scenario where you’re picking between one band and another. While this still happens from time to time, these big shows tend to play out where you can hop from stage to stage and still catch almost every band you want to see.

Don’t Park at One Stage All Day

This my also fly in the face of your first instincts. Let’s be honest though, if you’re favorite band of all time is headlining this festival, you’re going to storm the gates when they open and likely not move all day. I get it. Short of that, go and enjoy yourself. Experience what Sonic Temple has to offer and get a taste of everything.

Get Inside as Early as You Can

While it may be tempting to spend half the day tailgating in the parking lot, don’t do it. One of the most exciting things about a festival is discovering new bands. This can’t happen if you don’t show up to see them. The earlier acts are out there griding for exposure and may end up being some of the biggest highlights of your weekend.

I’m elated to see this awesome lineup announced today, and I can’t wait until Memorial Day weekend, so I can head to Columbus and enjoy this experience again! Head over to the official Sonic Temple website for all festival and ticket information at www.sonictemplefestival.com

For more, visit: sonictemplefestival.com