Despite the Wane Sign to Epitronic

Italian alt-rock project Despite the Wane has signed a deal with Epitronic Records for the release of the duo's album "Beyond That Wall." The album will be released on February 17th. The band revolves around two original members: Mir Kollins, vocals and synths, author and arranger, and Max Dury, lead guitar. They create, play, arrange and produce their songs and define their original, unique sound, though clearly recalling its deep roots in the British New Wave and evoking progressive, alternative, gothic, and obviously electronic rock suggestions. As usual, the band dramatically focuses on the lyrics, which are sustained by recognizable melody lines, powerful guitar riffs, and the deep, enticing voice of the singer. At the very heart of their songs are the search for an answer, the journey as a metaphor for a change, the need to know and understand the mystery of life, the hurting for a loss, and the determination to rise against the incomprehensible suffering of the human condition.
In their productions recalling the post-punk spirit, there is no nostalgia but a constant curiosity toward the present, aware that online platforms and shops monopolize the current huge musical proposal.
Against this background, "Despite the Wane" are certain there is an audience for their songs.