An Online Exclusive with Sunday Lane of Fauntella Crow


Just about every year, thousands upon thousands of industry pros and musicians make plans to cross paths at the infamous South By Southwest in Austin, TX. But as every major festival has its twists and turns, some meetings don't come to fruition, whether it be because of scheduling conflicts, illness, or that naked busker in the street that was ever-so distracting. Below is one of those "lost transcripts."

Music Connection caught up with Sunday Lane (pictured left)—one half of Fauntella Crow. Being one of our more youthful interviewees, we asked her about her first trip to Texas, and any advice she may have for fellow first-timers.

Music Connection: You recently returned from the infamous SXSW. Was it your first time?
Sunday Lane: Yes, it was my first time at the festival and it was also my first time in Austin.

Music Connection: Can you discuss your goals for attending the Texas festival? Were those goals met?
Lane: I played this festival with a band Jessy Greene and I recently formed called Fauntella Crow. Jessy is an amazing violinist and vocalist, and she was set to go to SXSW to play with the 'Sound City Players' in support of Dave Grohl's Sound City documentary. We ended up booking a Fauntella Crow show two weeks before the festival and it was actually our first gig as a band! Jessy and I both strongly believe in this project and getting to debut at SXSW was a really incredible experience. The main goal was just to start getting our name out there. The shows we played went really well and we met some really cool people. I'd say the goal was met!

Music Connection: Do you have any advice for fellow young up-and-coming artists that may debate on traveling to an event such as SXSW but have yet to make the leap? Is it even worth going to?
Lane: It's a tough thing for me to give advice on because I feel like I'm a SXSW infant, but my experience was extremely positive. I saw some amazing shows, met some really cool people, and got to play to a room full of people who had never heard Fauntella Crow before. I'd say it's definitely worth it.

Music Connection: Is there anything you would like to plug?
Lane: Yeah! Fauntella Crow is releasing our first EP "Lost Here" at the end of April. Check us out at Facebook.com/fauntellacrow to stay in the loop.