Songwriter Profile: Mama B

Legacy Work

With over 20 years as an artist and music executive, Jacq Becker—under her moniker Mama B—is releasing a second children’s album, following the success of 2021’s collaboration, Zoology (which amassed 50+ million digital and 14+ million YouTube streams). Having performed as a pop artist at Los Angeles’ Hotel Café, The Mint, Harvelle’s, Room 5, etc., and shows in Sweden, Nashville, and the Caribbean, Becker has placements in major TV and film (including Top 5, Pretty Little Liars and Seven Days in Utopia), and leads prominent songwriter and publishing teams, helping artists develop their creative vision and monetize their work. 

First studying classical music before switching to jazz, then pop, Becker holds a deep love of lyrics and melody, emphasizing her affinity for ‘’timeless songs and energy,” and was drawn to Norah Jones and the idea of audiences sitting quietly and truly listening. First writing as a teen, her focus expanded to business in her 20’s, and she is passionate about helping women improve their music business and publishing education, and exploring options. Says Becker, “I get the pleasure of helping expand their business and shining light on songwriters and producers. I feel very lucky to be doing it.” To have a sustainable career in music, Becker advises a focus on learning about publishing, rights management, monetization, and exploring the organizations that manage it all.

Leading with melody, then tone of voice and production, Becker says that what resonates most in music for her is the collaboration, emphasizing the dramatic difference between the sound that comes out of a collaborative project versus the energy felt from constant ‘session-churning.’ “You can hear that trust in each other,” she says. “I listen for musicianship of the whole song (not just melody and lyrics) [and] how it came together.” In repeat collaborations, she says, “I trust their instincts. It’s [about] bringing the right people together with different skill sets that meld together.” See differences as an enhancement, not a threat, and when entering first-time collaborations, Becker says to be as prepared as possible by bringing a few concepts or lyrical ideas.

Struggling to find children’s music she could listen to when she became a mom, Becker felt she could add something and, inspired by the musings of her children and their friends, worked to make music from their perspective while adding contemporary production. Says Becker, “We’re trying to take everything we know about song composition and structure and not do anything different because it’s for kids and families. Why would the formula change?”

Starting organically with guitar and piano melodies, using live instruments and no corner-cutting, Becker wanted to deliver purpose and meaning. Taking two years to complete, some sessions had starting points (“Princess In A Castle” was a request of her son’s classmate), or incorporated elements she heard her children jamming out to (Harry Nilsson’s “Coconut” inspired “Puffer Fish”). Finding a lightness and joy that was missing in the pursuit of pop affirmation, children’s music reignited her songwriting passion. “There were no restrictions on creativity. The fact that we took so much time with it speaks to the integrity of the project,” says Becker. “Everything about it was pure, honest, and no pressure, which is a good place to be when you're releasing music.” 

Imaginology feels like Reading Rainbow-meets-The Spice Girls: fun, catchy, and equal parts soothing and enjoyable for all ages. Set for release on Mother’s Day.

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