Signing Story With New Wavers Love Fiend

Type of Music: New Wave, Post Punk, Rock 'n' Roll

Band Members: Jesse Summers, guitar, vocals; Raymond Schmidt, guitar, synth, vocals; Odie Summers, bass, vocals; Owen Barrett, drums

Booking: [email protected]

Publicity: Tell All Your Friends PR

A&R: John Dwyer

Web: instagram.com/lovefiiend

The past few years have been transformative, to say the least, for Love Fiend. The band, hailing from Los Angeles, CA, were signed to a record deal by In The Red Records back in May of 2023 and with the release of their new record, are now on top of the world. 

Sounding like The Cars on uppers, you can hear hints of ska, punk, blues and rock 'n' roll suffused with synthesizers and saxophones, and drenched in guitars, drums and bass. Their debut record, entitled, Handle with Care, is due out July 12 and is a nine-track, super fun-filled LP that will have you dancing in the aisles, even when you’re at home or at work. Love Fiend sing about every-day life and every day adventures and the songwriting is keen and tasteful as the lyrics make you think about the subject at hand. They get their point across melodically and with ease as their music is upbeat and fun. 

The record is superbly produced! With the musicianship being top notch, this group of tunes relies on no one to bolster its contents. The singing is poised and confident and wonderfully recorded. You can hear the time and care that was taken on every tune to record it, as it turned out excellently. The musical spectrum is so well used that every instrument is in its own little world and then, as if by magic, *Poof,* they all come together for the greater good of a great record. 

“What began as a conversation surrounding the meaning of the common phrase, “no hard feelings,” became a structured academic study into the cosmological origins of emotion," they say. "What we discovered was that before the human heart had fully developed, emotion first rested silently in the earth’s crust—petrified, rock-solid, hard.”

Congratulations to Love Fiend on a journey well-traveled, a record well-produced, and open doors that have yet to be walked through.