Rod Melancon

Music Album Review: Rod Melancon - "Southern Gothic" (8/10)

Part of the esteemed new southern artists collective that includes Drive-By Truckers and Jason Isbell, Rod Melancon indeed
represents. His Southern Louisiana drawl is not just window dressing. He brings songs and a wealth of life lessons that are
exploratory and dramatic. “With the Devil” opens with a dark venture into the mind of a serial killer, “Different Man” is an unapologetic anti-war anthem and “Lights of Carencro” is hypnotic and spooky. The young Melancon also employs classic touchstones, with the Springsteen-meets-Exile-era Stones hybrid “Promises” and the Merle Haggard-flavored “Outskirts of You.”

Released by: Blue Élan
Producer: Rod Melancon and Brian Whelan