Rhino High Fidelity Launches with The Cars And John Coltrane Premium Vinyl

Rhino is synonymous with high-quality reissues, pioneering the catalog business with award-winning audio releases for the past 45 years. The legendary label is setting the standard once again with the launch of the exclusive premium vinyl series, Rhino High Fidelity (Rhino Hi-Fi). These high-end, limited-edition vinyl reissues of classic albums represent the pinnacle of sound and packaging.

The first two Rhino High Fidelity albums are available exclusively at Rhino.com – The Cars (1978) by The Cars and Coltrane’s Sound(1964) by John Coltrane. Each Rhino High Fidelity title is limited to 5,000 individually numbered copies and retails for $39.98. Order now.

Kevin Gray says, “It will be an honor to master this series! There is so much variety to explore in the Rhino catalog - everything from Jazz to Rock to R&B. Rhino has a very deep catalog spanning across 5 decades. The possibilities are incredible! I look forward to all of it.”

Rhino High Fidelity will take full advantage of Warner Music’s vast music catalog, creating superlative versions of landmark albums from the worlds of jazz, blues, rock, pop, and beyond.

The Rhino High Fidelity series will continue to release two classic albums quarterly, each with the same audio and packaging quality of the initial pair in strictly limited editions. The next round of Rhino High Fidelity releases will be announced in the coming weeks.