Therese Curatolo Elevates her Recordings with MXL Microphones

Raised by a family of musicians, Therese Curatolo knew from an early age that her calling was also going to be music. From studying operatic voice at the University of Nevada and performing on Broadway, to singing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Curatolo has had her share of experience in the industry. Recently, she’s homed in on her true passion, songwriting and playing guitar. She has since begun releasing original music and sharing content on her social channels. To record her personal projects, she turns to MXL Microphones990 studio microphone, as well as the brand’s CR89 large diaphragm condenser microphone.

“I received my first MXL mics as a Christmas gift from my dad several years ago, who told me that MXL is an industry favorite. He gifted me the bundle, which included the 990 and 991, and they are just great; I still use them today,” says Curatolo. “I started using the mics for both my voice and guitar, and people started asking me what I was using to record the videos I was putting up because they sounded like professional recordings. That’s when I started bringing the mic into the frame of all my videos.”

Since then, Curatolo has continued using the 990, but has also added the brand’s CR89 LDC microphone to her collection. “The CR89 is so rich and so warm, and it gives you a full scope of whatever you’re recording, whether it’s the voice or guitar; I’ve used it on both. It picks up every little nuance and always creates a beautiful recording.”

MXL Microphones have become a staple for Curatolo and whenever given the option, she claims she’ll always choose to use them. “There are a lot of times where I’ll have to go into a studio for my work and I’ll have to use their gear. But when I have the choice and I’m recording my own content, it will always be MXL.”

For more about Curatolo, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel @theresecuratolo2908 or follow her on Instagram @reesetea, or TikTok @thereesetea.