Eventide Remix Contest with Symbion Project

Eventide Launches First Remix Contest with Symbion Project

Eventide has debuted a remix contest with Seattle-based songwriter/producer Symbion Project (a.k.a. Kasson Crooker). The contest challenges all musicians and producers to remix Symbion Project’s latest track, “Beekeeper’s Muse,” using at least one Eventide plug-in.

Eventide will be providing free 30-day demos of their plug-ins to participants. Stems of the track are available for download on the Eventide contest page.

The deadline for the contest is Dec. 15. Winners will be announced on Dec. 19.

Winners will be chosen by Eventide and Symbion Project. Prizes include: Anthology X plug-in bundle, a Space stompbox, a MixingLink®, autographed copies of Symbion Project’s Arcadianand Semiotic albums, as well as a feature on Eventide’s social media outlets. Grand prize is worth over $1,600.

Kasson Crooker has been creating eclectic electronic music for the past two decades, ranging from cinematic downtempo to IDM/techno to classical synthesizer music. A founding member of synthpop legends Freezepop, Crooker is also a videogame composer with music featured in interactive music games like Amplitude and Rock Band. Currently, he is scoring the indie game Shard. 

To request the plug-in demo, visit eventideaudio.com/plugin_demo

For more information, visit eventideaudio.com/contest/symbion_remix