Signing Story: Ruth B

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With a little help from her popular tune “Lost Boy,” Canadian student Ruth B is now bound toward becoming Columbia Records’ latest pop sensation.

After sharing some original tunes that went viral on YouTube last year, several prominent labels began expressing keen interest in quickly signing the young songwriter. But despite having to evaluate such glamorous offers without benefit of industry experience, this young artist remained extremely levelheaded:

“I went with the label that I thought understood my music best. [Columbia] really got my vision of what kind of music I want to make and how I want to get it out there.”

Instant fame and fortune isn’t Ruth’s ideal, but her elegantly natural talent should garner reputable attention with practiced time and effort, which Columbia is willing to provide:

“It wasn’t just like, ‘You need to write hits and be this or that.’ It was more, ‘You take your time [and] do this how you want to do it—we’ll just accompany that.’”

And while Ruth’s business prowess continues to develop, her vibrant creative energy remains fully intact:

“I’m still doing exactly what I’ve been doing with my music, [but] now
 I have an experienced team of people,” she explains. “I think it’s really good to have that force behind you. All I have to really be concerned about is making music to the best of my ability. It’s more of a project, but I’m still really in control of everything.”

“I went with the label that I thought understood my music best.”

Before Columbia, Ruth heavily relied on her personal keyboard and raw vocals, since that’s all she had while working from home. So now she’s excited to take full advantage of these extra industry perks: “Dis- covering my sound will be my [main] focus in 2016. Now with Columbia, I get to work with different producers [who] understand that I want to keep it about the music and lyrics that I haven’t been able to produce.”

Ruth premiered her debut EP, The Intro, back in November, featuring popular singles including “Lost Boy” and “Superficial Love.”