Signing Story: Pecos & The Rooftops

Date Signed: Jan. 19, 2023

Label: Warner Records Los Angeles

Band Members: Pecos Hurley, vocals, acoustic guitar; Brandon Jones, rhythm guitar; Zack Foster, lead guitar; Kalen Davis, bass; Garrett Peltier, drums; Hunter Cassell, guitars and keys

Type of Music: Country Rock

Management: Chase Cooper & Jeb Hurt, [email protected]; [email protected]

Booking: [email protected]

Legal: [email protected]

Publicity: [email protected]

Web: pecos-rooftops.com

A&R: [email protected]

Perhaps life as a Marine gave Pecos Hurley the discipline and leadership qualities that are necessary for helming a successful act. Formed in Lubbock, TX, Pecos & the Rooftops have been triggering an avalanche of attention on their own terms since 2019.

Thus, they weren’t seeking a record deal when Warner Records began showing interest. The connection happened through their former manager, who independently sent some fresh material to Miles Gersh. At the time, the group was especially green. “We weren’t ready for a major deal,” admits the titular songwriter and vocalist. They certainly hadn’t reached their current status of 350 million global streams. 

Rather than leaping at the overture, the country rockers continued kicking up dust through touring and recording. Yet the seeds of interest on both sides were planted.

In the interim, other labels started catching on, including Columbia Records. None offered terms that the musicians found acceptable. Warner, though, was able to satisfy their desires. Negotiations between the label and the group’s team happened without artist input. By the time Hurley and his posse learned of the contract’s development, it was already irresistible.

 Before signing, the gang visited Warner’s Los Angeles headquarters. “The people there were friendly and seemed eager to work with us,” observes Hurley. There, the band presented some of their new songs, which received positive reception. Gersh also sized them up by catching their live show.

Hurley held the ultimate power to choose whether Warner made a proper fit. That said, he made sure his supporting players agreed with his assessment. As he puts it, “I wasn’t going to make a decision that the rest of the guys weren’t happy with.”

Expect a full-length release from Pecos & the Rooftops to go viral later this year. – Andy Kaufmann