Signing Story: Josie Dunne

Date Signed: April 2023

Publisher: Prescription Songs

Type of Music: Pop

Management: Anthony Manker and Cooper Anstett - Group Projects, [email protected]

Booking: Katie Germano - CAA, [email protected]

Legal: Anthony Manker and Cooper Anstett - Group Projects, [email protected]

Publicity: Anthony Manker and Cooper Anstett, [email protected]


A&R: Chris Martignago

Having already been signed to Atlantic Records, soul-pop singer Josie Dunne was familiar with Chris Martignago. After all, it was he who acted as her A&R at the legendary label. Eventually, that deal ran its course, as did Dunne’s previous songwriting agreement with Warner Chappell Music, which finished up at the beginning of 2021. Martignago had left for Prescription Songs in 2020.

This confluence of events presented the perfect opportunity for the pair to once again join forces. Martignago took it on his shoulders to sell the rest of the song publisher’s deciders on granting a shot to the newly independent artist. With over 100 million streams under her belt, it wasn’t a particularly difficult task.

Besides a pre-established relationship with Martignago, Dunne knew lots of other people at Prescription Songs from her years of co-writing in her adoptive home of Nashville. The Chicago native adores Music City. “I love Nashville and don’t want to leave,” she proclaims. “And pop is such a big part of what I do that [Prescription Songs] was the perfect fit.”

Additionally, she relishes the musical diversity that Prescription Songs allows her to explore. “I’m getting to write everything,” enthuses the singer. “I do a little bit of synch, a little bit of indie rock… It’s such a random mix.” Another reason she’s content is that the publisher understands the importance of balancing songwriting with pursuing an artist career. 

It took about a year for the signing to go from initial mention to dried ink. Trial writing sessions helped Prescription determine she was a solid fit. The fruit of her efforts is a three-year deal with an option to stay. 

Dunne credits much of her success to simply showing up. “Just get in the room and write a lot of songs,” she recommends to unsigned writers. “And send them to everybody you know.” – Andy Kaufmann