Signing Story: The Pack A.D.--Why They Chose Nettwerk

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Vancouver-based duo the Pack A.D. have had record deals in the past, but their previous contract expired last year. Label-less, they focused on recording their next album rather than looking for a replacement. Then their manager told them indie mainstay Nettwerk had been following the duo and, now that they were free agents, were ready to pounce. Besides being tempted by a few songs off their new disc, the label appreciated the rockers’ work ethic. “They lured us with food,” muses drummer Maya Miller. “Usually, it’s alcohol, but apparently for us it’s food.”

“Right away, it was someone we

could be in touch with.”

One thing the pair liked about Nettwerk was its 30-year track record. They also found the staff personable. But the biggest reason they chose Nettwerk over at least two other labels was proximity. “Right away, it was someone we could be in touch with,” says Miller. Being close has allowed maximum convenience for things like designing the album layout.

After attending last year’s Christmas party, the Pack and their lawyers signed a licensing deal with an option for two more albums. “The previous deal we had was a three-album deal,” Miller explains. “It’s a roomier deal.” They also hammered together a split publishing contract, which took longer to complete than the record agreement.

Miller urges others to employ a laissez-faire approach in seeking a label. “If you’re doing well, the labels are going to hear about you, because that’s their job,” she insists. “Just let it happen. It seems like do-nothing advice, but I honestly think that works best.”

Do Not Engage was released worldwide on Jan. 28.

Words By Andy Kaufmann
Photo By Rebecca Blissett