Signing Story: SVRCINA


Pronounced Sur-cee-nah, the former Molly Hunt (adopting family name Svrcina) is the 19-year-old singer/songwriter dynamo from Detroit who has been making inroads in the music world since the age of 10. She actually became passionate about music at age eight, absorbing the tutelage and energy passed down from her vocalist mother and literary grandmother.

As a child she started traveling to fairs and festivals throughout the Midwest, appearing in singing competitions. “I was in one of these American Idol-type karaoke competitions at the Strawberry Festival in Belleville, Michigan,” explains Svrcina. “Ann Wilson of AWMG Music Group was one of the judges of this competition and she liked what she heard.”

Svrcina says that through the course of a year the two ran into each other a couple of times, rekindling their acquaintanceship. “She said she wanted to bring me to Nashville to see how I would do, working with professional songwriters there.

“So, literally at age 11, she set me up with people to write with.” Svrcina went on to sign her first publishing deal at 13 years old, making her
one of the youngest to do so in Nashville. “I had a lot to learn but I am totally grateful to everyone that was willing to take me seriously at such a young age. But, because they did, it kindled the fire and we made the move from Detroit to Nashville when I was 14.”

"Literally at age 11, she set me up with people to write with."

Through the industry buzz in Nashville she partnered with Wendy Duffy of Resin8 Management. Duffy introduced Svrcina to publisher and brand manager Becki Devries of Kompass/Kobalt Music. Via Kompass/Kobalt she arranged co-writes with other artists, eventually meeting her primary songwriting partner Michael Whitaker.

“Through the process of writing, learning and discovering what my message was and what I wanted to sound like, I started to be heavily influenced by electronic pop,” she says. “Michael was an L.A. producer living in Nashville who had this background in film scoring. He had this epic, dramatic element to composing which blended perfectly with what I was writing.”

The result of their efforts is an EP and single entitled “Lover.Fighter,” which was released in January.

“I’m very thankful to be working with the people at Kompass/Kobalt Music,” concludes Svrcina. “Everyone there is very connected with each other and with what is coming next in the music publishing industry.”

Photo By Lisa Florence

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