Signing Story: Nezza

Date Signed:  Oct. 13, 2021

Label: Virgin Music US Latin (Distribution only)

Management: Jose Cruz – UNLSTD Music

Booking: James Gosnell and Regeena Draizin – APA

Publicity: Sarah Facciolo, [email protected]

A&R: Jose Cruz – UNLSTD Music

When Nezza signed with Virgin Music back in mid-October of 2021, it was a decisive moment of affirmation for the Bay Area native. Because her debut EP was released, in a joint venture with the record label, just a few days after the signing. 

The collection of songs from Club Solita are largely based on the timeframe during her transition from a dance career to the independent music scene in Los Angeles. Although the Reggaeton/Pop album features a song with Late Night Jiggy, the most important collaboration of her career thus far has been with her manager, Jose Cruz. After all, he’s the one who helped her broker the distribution deal with Victor Gonzalez, the President at Virgin Music US Latin. 

“My manager Jose Cruz has always been my A&R and he’s been with me every step of the way. We did our own research on Victor and his team. We got nothing but great feedback about them throughout the industry,” says Nezza. “(Virgin Music) didn’t want to change what made me who I am as an artist or the music that we’re making. Bi-lingual music has not always been welcomed by major labels. They understood that I was a unique project for them and that they would have to think differently on how they would approach this project. It felt like we gained a partner that was willing to provide support where we needed it.” 

According to the songstress, one of the most attractive aspects of her new distribution deal with Virgin Music was their influence throughout Latin America and Europe. From a promotional standpoint, this business agreement has enhanced her ability to market songs like, “Tenerte De Nuevo.” The release of Club Solita is a testament to Nezza’s belief in Virgin Music, because the record executives carried out the intricacies of her challenging rollout plan in a very proficient manner. 

“The whole team at Virgin Music has been incredible to us from day one,” says the solo artist. “We gave them a very challenging deadline for my album release and they hit it out of the park. Shout out to Daniel Rojas (Marketing Director) at Virgin Music for being on the phone with us every day for three weeks straight, leading up to the release.”

Upon the release of Nezza’s bi-lingual EP, it became evident that her brand of Urbano music, American soul and pop would require the right landing spot in order to maximize its potential on a global scale. The execution of this business deal might pave the way for a full-length studio album release in the future.