Signing Story: The Walters

Date Signed: November 2021

Label: Warner Records

Band Members: Luke Olson, Walter Kosner, MJ Tirabassi, Danny Wells, Charlie Ekhaus

Type of Music: Indie Rock

Manager:Rob Cavallo (Done Deal) and Alex Brahl (7S)

Publicity: Jaime Rosenberg - Warner Records

Web: yourwalters.com

A&R: Jeff Sosnow and Chris Morris

The five members of the Walters became close friends during school and college and, after bonding at Bonnaroo, they formed the band. Still, they couldn’t have anticipated that seven years later, their song “I Love You So” would be exploding online. Right from the start, they were playing with an indie rock sound that blends the melodies and harmonies of the Beach Boys and Dr. Dog.

“We decided to start playing around with some music, made some ideas for songs, and then I kind of just asked the whole crew if they’d be interested in making these songs,” says guitarist Walter Kosner. “Charlie could produce us for free, and we took it from there. So we started properly August 2014, and put out our first album in November 2014.”

“I Love You So” was written early on, so it’s also seven years old. Yet it blew up on TikTok this year, bringing it to the attention of Warner.

“We got a call from all the major labels in 48 hours out of nowhere,” Kosner continues. “Warner was the coolest. We liked what they had to say. We just thought it would work out better with them than the other guys.”

With the Warner deal in place, the Walters decided to shoot a new video for that song.

“We’re writing the album now, and ‘I Love You So’ is still going to be a single on this new album,” Kosner says. “The song is seven years old, and we wanted to breathe some new life into it. We thought it would be funny to shoot a video in space.”

2022 will see the arrival of an album/EP consisting of five new songs plus “I Love You So.” The recording of the record is ongoing, though it’s made slightly easier by the fact that they relocated to L.A. from Chicago during the pandemic.

“We were in Chicago and it was freezing during the winter,” Kosner says. “We were like, ‘Man, if we’re going to be stuck inside, let’s be somewhere nice.’ So we moved to L.A. and we have a great studio setup here. It made life easier, in terms of recording.”

So 2022 will see them drop the EP. They’re also planning on touring plenty, including internationally. Expect big things.