Signing Story: Hunter Daily

Date Signed: Early 2020 (Hunter & Tyson), Mid 2021 (as solo artist)

Label: Flush Records

Type of Music: Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Pop

Legal: Craig Marshall at Myman Greenspan Fineman Fox Rosenberg & Light

Publicity: Kip Kouri - Tell All Your Friends, Inc.

Web: hunterdailymusic.com

A&R: Ivana Paige

The daughter of pop singer, actress and voice actress Elizabeth (E.G.) Daily, Hunter Daily was enrolled a few years back in the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. Growing restless with academia, she longed to return to L.A. resume acting gigs and launch her career as a singer-songwriter. Once back, she played a few gigs at The Peppermint Club and Hotel Café, then began collaborating with her sister Tyson, who had received encouragement from the industry for years but was currently in a lull phase. 

The siblings’ hunch that the blend of Hunter’s quirky girl next door indie pop and Tyson’s R&B/pop and edgier persona would be successful proved prescient when one of their club showcases caught the ear of Andrew Shack, a onetime exec with Capitol and Priority Records who launched his indie label Flush Records in 2016. Hunter had known Shack a long time and had even referred artists to him, but she was still surprised he showed so much interest. 

“Andrew had us do a bunch of rehearsals, singing covers to make sure we had good stage presence and chemistry,” Hunter says. “Once he heard the potential in our original music, we had several meetings everything came together. I felt one of the reasons he signed us was because we were a unique sister duo of polar opposites, musically and personality-wise.” 

The title of Hunter & Tyson’s debut single for Flush “Won’t Be Back”—released just before the pandemic lockdown—proved ironic. While the two upped their songwriting game significantly by hooking up with and doing songwriting camps with veteran artist, songwriter and vocal producer Jenna Andrews (BTS, Drake, Jessie J), Tyson ultimately opted to take a mental health and wellness break. This left Hunter concerned about continuing with the label—but ultimately they signed her as a solo act and after several lead singles, she just released her solo debut EP Die In LA (which includes “Age of Depression,” ft. Tyson).

“Tyson felt she was doing it more for a specific result than for the love of music,” Hunter says. “Fortunately, we had established enough of a foundation, and the label still believed in my talent. They’ve been super-supportive. There was a transitional period after I signed a new contract, and I had a lot of self-doubt—but my self-confidence has grown with every recording session.”