New Toys: Synido MIDI TempoPad

The Synido TempoPAD's small size and simple operation makes is easy to carry and use. So it's perfect for using with a laptop or even a smart phone—anywhere, even when out camping.

There are four encoder knobs; six full-size transport buttons and four banks of 16 drum pads made of indestructible silicone. I found that these pads provide a more expressive and dynamic playing experience using a total of 48 virtual pads. I did like the four velocity-sensitive curves that are very responsive to your musical "hits" all in real-time when I wanted to add dynamic cymbal crashes in a mix I was working on.

The Synido TempoPAD editor software is for the music producer of any skill level to edit MIDI messages and, once you've programmed a groove, the beat pads provide useful visual cues and a rhythmical light show.

Synido Midi TempoPad can be used with any MIDI-enabled device, including PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. It includes a USB-C to USB-A cable for computer connection and a 1/8-inch TS to 5-pin MIDI adapter cable. When using Synido with portable devices like an iPad or iPhone, there is a DC-5V jack for connecting an additional power supply for more reliable operation. 

The Synido MIDI TempoPad makes possible the spontaneously production of music anywhere with any device from a full-on PC or Mac computer system to just a phone! Just install the Control Panel software so you can specifically program the pads and you're ready to go!

Synido MIDI TempoPad sells for $89.95 MSRP, but look for discounts on Amazon at: