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Art Rock LA took over the world famous NRG Studios Saturday, July 29th, with a celebration of music talent and art creativity merging a top music recording studio with artists…artists who paint! The art gallery was set in the actual music studios where many of the images on canvas that night have recorded their music.

While the inside of NRG Studios was filled with art, the outside was converted into a sponsored charity event complete with band stage, sound & lights all provided by sponsors Amethyst Beverage, Music Connection Magazine, Henenbery Spirits and Fluffology, a full service pet salon / lifestyle brand in North Hollywood, and Renkus Heinz who provided awesome sound.


While art buyers and gazers inside NRG perused the works of contemporary artists JD Shultz, Jessica Downs and Christian Chavez, those outside NRG enjoyed the sounds of 8 unique music artists.

First up was Avatar’s Trinity Bliss, then Tim Johnson Jr. of the TV series The Four, Joao Coronel from Brazil and very new in town, multi instrumentalist and singer Kash from New Dehli India. The other “Trinity” that took the stage were three young ladies from Ireland each pursuing their dream, Eiza Murphy, her Lenii and their close friend Neve, all pros at their craft performing acoustic renditions of their songs. Wrapping up the night of music, the sultry Nicolette Sullivan who brought her entire band complete with back up singers. Being her second gig in LA and her actual second gig in life, she held the crowd like she’s been around for years.

"Music is such a big part of my life.  I'm so delighted to be making a small contribution to making instruments and lessons available to those who otherwise would not have access to creating music." - Trinity Bliss.

All these music artists were there to support the good works of Guitar Center Music Foundation and Playing For Change Foundation, who provide music education for kids in underrepresented communities.

The producer of Art Rock LA, Sammy Oriti took the stage to introduce the artists and give the audience some background. All these artists had the one thing in common he said, “they were nurtured by their family, supported and encouraged to develop their talents, except for one. Joao Coronel,” who told the crowd, “ I was raised in a poor family in Brazil. My bedroom was no bigger than this stage. My first guitar was bought for me by a friend because my parents had no money, so I am a good example of the very need these foundations meet.”

Oriti, seen on stage with a PRS donated a Parlor Guitar signed by William Shatner to be auctioned, started the bidding at $1,500 then pushed the theme “Change a life, Change the world” as he got the crowd to chant along. The former Springsteen impersonator from Jersey and Emmy Nominated TV series creator, now fits in well with fundraising or meeting needs for charities like Children’s Hospital LA and Salvation Army. Many Audio Visual brands support his efforts.


Art was everywhere at the event. Veteran of paint and accomplished musician JD Shultz brought 40 pieces of various Art Genres filling Studio A. Epic works of The Beatles, Jimmy Page, Green Day, Curt Cobain and his classic Capitol Records Building which sat at the main entry of NRG studios. Shultz is from a family legacy of artists whose customers are the biggest names in Hollywood. Hailed as the Warhol of Rock, JD Shultz Art now resides in a new memorabilia installation at Guitar Center Hollywood giving the iconic retailer a cool new vibe going forward. 

Sharing Studio A with Shultz, Jessica Downs presented a haunting portrait of Chester Bennington in the very room he recorded with Linkin Park. Bringing 4 other, 48 x 60 canvases, including Jimi Hendrix, Biggie Smalls and Mac Miller, Jessica, an endorsee of Winsor & Newton paints, commented, “I’m a huge Linkin Park fan and to this day listen all the time, that’s my generation along with Biggie and Mac Miller, and because of my dad, I love Jimi Hendrix and all Classic Rock. When I paint for myself outside of commissioned work, I like to paint who I listen to.”



In the hallways between studios Christian Chavez covered one long wall with pop art of hip hop and R&B heroes, Whitney, Rihanna, Aliyah, Tupac, and Tina Turner. On the wall opposite him the internationally known Mr. Dripping had 4 pieces featuring his drip of Tupac.


One of the Art Highlights Saturday evening, Amethyst Beverage partner Jeff Flasco purchased Jessica Downs “Purple Haze - Purple Rain” guitar. Given to her for this event by Guitar Center, Downs sanded down the acoustic guitar and then covered it in Mars Black Liquitex acrylic. Her painted images of Jimi Hendrix jamming with Prince wielding their Fender Strats and Teles featured lyrics arranged around the sound hole from the two iconic songs. Flasco then donated the purchased guitar to the Guitar Center Music Foundation which will be put on Display at Guitar Center Hollywood on Sunset Blvd August 21st.


Art Rock LA had several distinguished guests. Power Music Attorney David Helfant, Record Producers Val Garay and Jay Baumgardner, Trinity Bliss and Sabrina Carpenter’s manager Bill Perlman, Music Connection Editor in Chief Eric Bettelli, GC Foundation’s Myka Miller-Jimenez, Paola Mondragon of Playing for Change Foundation and many more. But who turned heads the most was his royal highness Henry The Liger. Half Lion, Half Tiger and 100% Puppy.

Overall Art Rock LA @ NRG Studios met all expectations. The curators will follow up with potential buyers who showed interest at the event. So if you were there, expect a call!

If you would like to support music education you can give at:

www.guitarcenterfoundation.org and www.playingforchange.org

Thinking about buying some art to help some talented kids?

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