Live Reviews: KingQueen

Madam Siam Los Angeles, CA
Web: kingqueenMusic.com
Contact: [email protected]
Players: Ina, vocals; Adam Gimenez, guitar; Ella G. Burgos; Brandon Valerino, keyboard; Jake Absher, drums

Material: KingQueen is a rock & roll band playing all kinds of hard rock and pushing the punk boundaries, as well. Hints of the Ramones, Pat Benatar and the Sex Pistols ooze out of KingQueen as they load up and shoot song after hard rock song, in a solid format. The songs are well written. With the lyrics expressing deep, heartfelt feeling and emotion, the audience was easily drawn into the tunes and were made to feel a big part of the whole presentation.

Musicianship: Superb skills all around. Gimenez is on fire as he blisters his way through every lead, leaving no arpeggio unturned. Burgos and Absher are a great team. The rhythm section is superb on every song, and along with Valerino on keys, they make for a very sweet, hard rockin’ canvas on which Ina and Gimenez can paint. 

Performance: The stage was quite small, plus all the equipment and mic stands and monitors made for cautious footings. Nevertheless, though cramped and restricted, Ina and Gimenez gave the crowd a run for its money. Ina was so focused on the crowd, she forgot she was on stage. She was so into it that she became part of the crowd and thoroughly enjoyed herself while she screamed and wailed at them. And while Ina was enjoying herself, Gimenez was casting spells with his guitar, his fretboard aflame. 

Summary: KingQueen is very entertaining. The vocals and guitar are pure energy and enthusiasm. Vigor and liveliness radiate from every pore of every band member. They really enjoy playing for their audience and that translates into an enthusiastic reaction. Blistering solos from Gimenez on “Tornado,” “Live it Up” and “Romantic” keep the audience glued to his finger work as everyone zooms in to get a closeup of the action. 

 Loaded lyrics are a major part of the music for KingQueen, as they demonstrate with “Chemically Imbalanced,” a song that takes you through a day in the life of a person with this affliction—that he is not a freak; he can love and be loved. Great show! – Pierce Brochetti