Elle Winter

Signing Story: Elle Winter

With her recent signing to Red Music, singer-songwriter Elle Winter enters an exciting new phase of an extraordinary career that began at age 12, when she was discovered by Radio Disney. In her early teens, she cut her teeth in the industry by touring and recording for Disney, and in 2012 was featured on Season 5 of The Next Big Thing, which later spotlighted future pop sensations Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara. Winter later began working with different management to help her make the transition from that Disney vibe to a more mature artistry as a singer-songwriter. Collaborating with various writers and producers, she homed in on a pop urban sound, which would eventually formed her evolving aesthetic as a solo artist. The artist catapulted onto her current career trajectory by signing in 2017 to D&D Endeavors, the then brand-new management company launched by longtime Republic Records executive David Nathan. “He had heard about me from several people, and my team at the time heard

“Our first 30-minute meeting turned into three hours.”

about him, and our paths kept crossing, like it was fate,” Winter says. “Our first 30-minute meeting turned into three hours as he connected with my vision as a pop artist. “Once he signed me,” she adds, “he hooked me up with Def Jam A&R man Bruce Carbone, who hooked me up with different producers who helped me grow as a storyteller. Lyrically, I just wanted to be as honest as possible and use music to tell the story of my life. I began incorporating organic instruments and EDM elements. I realized that to be authentic, we can’t shy away from writing about all we’re going through.” Spending the majority of 2018 in the studio, Winter continues to work with a number of high-profile producers, including: The Orphanage/OAK Felder (Demi Lovato, Alessia Cara); Dave Katz (Katy Perry and Train); and 2019 Grammy winner SWAGG (H.E.R.). Nathan introduced her to Tony Bruno, GM at Sony’s Red Music, and when Bruno and his team heard her in progress material, they immediately agreed with the manager that the label would be an amazing fit. Winter, whose debut album will be released this year, says, “We met with Tony and the rest of his team and they discussed my story and the plans I have for my music. We decided together that this could be an exciting opportunity for all of us, and worked out a wonderful agreement that came together earlier this year. I am thrilled to be joining an amazing team there to partner with me on this next chapter of my musical journey.”

Date Signed: Feb. 8, 2019

Label: Red Music (Sony Music Entertainment)

Type of Music: Pop

Management: David Nathan - D&D Endeavors

Booking: Mark Cheatham - CAA

Legal: Michael Reinert - Fox Rothschild

Publicity: Michael Tomczak - RED MUSIC

Web: ellewinter.com

A&R: N/A