Album Review: CrasH Talk by Schoolboy Q (5/10)

"Hopefully Q can regain ground next time around."

Crash Talk is Schoolboy Q’s fifth studio album, and one would expect a seasoned artist to place greater expectations on himself. Unfortunately, that is not the case this time around. In fact, Crash Talk barely holds itself up with okay songs like “Lies” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and YG, “Chopstix” with special guest Travis Scott, and “Water” with Lil Baby. However, tracks like “Gang Gang,” “Tales,” “Numb Numb Juice,” “Drunk,” “5200,” among others, drag the album down. When all is said and done, this record is unfocused, bland and expendable. Hopefully Q can regain ground next time around.

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Rating: 5/10

TDE / Interscope

Producers: Various