Signing Story: DJ Bodega Flee

Date Signed: Aug. 30, 2020

Label: Roc Nation

Type of Music: Hip-Hop

Management: Hugo Nunez - Roc Nation

Booking: Brian Eduardo - Roc Nation

Legal: Tim Mandelbaum - Fox Rothschild LLP

Web: rocnation.com/music/bodega-flee

A&R: Hugo Nunez

The year 2020 was quite monumental for Edwin Meregildo, aka DJ Bodega Flee. In April he became the DJ for Quarantine Radio by Tory Lanez, which was one of the hottest hip-hop radio shows of the pandemic. Four months after the Instagram Live series introduced him to mainstream hip-hop fans, DJ Bodega Flee signed a management deal with Roc Nation. As a new signee with Roc Nation, this touring musician has been given access to resources from one the most respected companies in urban music.

“Roc Nation is a family. It’s not only just a company. This is something that you’re basically involved in for as long as you want to be involved. If you’re Roc, you’re Roc for life,” says the native New Yorker. His talent manager at Roc Nation (Hugo) has played a key role in his growth as a recording artist and the rollout plan for his debut EP, a collection of songs that DJ Bodega Flee hopes to introduce to the world this winter.

“I think the album’s going to be called The Bodega. I have a song with Jim Jones, Zoey Dollaz, 42 Dugg, Chucky73, Tory Lanez (and more). I got songs in the cut. I want to release them at the right time,” he says. “Basically, what I’m trying to do is put out something that represents me. I’m a Dominican kid that grew up in the Bronx. The EP is going to be about what I grew up on. People like Prince Markie Dee, Big Pun and Fat Joe. I’m a dude that can go both ways. You can put my songs in Spanish (genres) or hip-hop. And that’s dope, because people like us are the connection for hip-hop people to cross over to the Latin side.”

Seven years ago, DJ Bodega Flee rose to prominence in Central Florida after becoming the only disc jockey in the area to receive airplay on two stations at the same time. Once he left Central Florida for Miami, his road manager (GP Radio) became highly instrumental in helping his unique blend of dancehall, hip-hop, reggaeton and bachata achieve even more notoriety. Today, DJ Bodega Flee is co-producing his upcoming project with Papi Yerr (Tory Lanez, Rotimi).

With the support of Roc Nation, DJ Bodega Flee hopes that the success of his debut EP will lead to a record deal and a full-length studio album shortly thereafter. “I’ve been working on (the new EP) for about a year already. I like to have everything on point,” says the artist. “After the EP, we’re going to reach for the stars.”