Signing Story: The Ghost Club

Date Signed: August 2020

Type of Music: Alternative Rock/Pop

Management: Kyle Esbin - Sprq Talent Management, [email protected]

Publicity: Bari Lieberman - [email protected]

Web: facebook.com/theghostclubofficial and instagram.com/theghostclubofficial

Pittsburgh, PA singer-songwriter-producer and multi-instrumentalist Domenic Dunegan (aka The Ghost Club) writes songs that possess an infectious pop sense, are melodic and lyrically provocative. Singles like “All I Know,” “Same Graves,” “Antique” and many others deal with far-reaching themes, from the creative process to self-actualization, spirituality and various aspects of the human condition.

The year 2016 was fortuitous for Dunegan. His father took him to a Bruce Springsteen concert and that performance changed him forever. “I’ve taken a lot of influences from Bruce,” says Dunegan. “A lot of my concept has been ‘How can that kind of music be made today?’”

In launching The Ghost Club, a lot of Dunegan’s journey has been based on hard work and self-reliance. Via Facebook he found his first producer in Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, Ariana Grande). Squire co-wrote a series of songs with Dunegan that garnered multi-million Spotify streams. That relationship led to partnering with Bad Suns, Mutemath producer Eric Palmquist in 2020. “Eric built a lot of confidence in me as a musician and creator,” says Dunegan.

Another major career touchstone arose with manager Kyle Esbin. “I was working at an agency and looking for artists to work with,” explains Esbin. “I found Dominic on Spotify. He also came up on Instagram and I started following him. I thought he had a lot of potential and I wanted to reach out to him. We talked a couple weeks after that and I’ve kept him moving forward and just trying to guide him in the right way.”

“Kyle’s been great because it’s been very difficult to get enthusiasm behind certain projects you’re trying to do,” says The Ghost Club frontman. “This dude has really pulled this thing along and pulled a lot of strings to help me out. He helped me get back in the studio quicker and he put me in touch with Bari (Lieberman). I’ve never worked with a publicist before.”

While Dunegan on recordings is, essentially, the prime mover behind The Ghost Club, he will work with other musicians for live shows. Current plans are to release a new single every two to three months, with an EP factoring into the mix sometime this summer.

“I was really getting burned out trying to do things myself,” says Dunegan. “Kyle keeps me in line. Sometimes I’ll forget to do things and he’ll tell me to put my big boy pants on and get it done!”