Attend ASCAP 'Songwriting for the Voice' Session

Wednesday, 8/25, at 3pm ET, ASCAP Experience will host its next session, "Songwriting for the Voice." The session will feature a wide array of experts from across music/voice/composition in conversation about strategies and tips for writing melodies that best take advantage of your unique voice's natural abilities and limitations.

All the info is below. RSVP here and let me know if you'd like to "attend." Thanks!

August 25 @ 3PM ET / 12PM PT - Songwriting for the Voice

Livestreaming on ascapexperience.com

Every song needs a voice to bring it to life. But there's a lot to know about how voices work when you're writing music intended to be sung. Our expert panelists will explain how to craft songs that take advantage of the voice's natural abilities and limitations. They'll discuss what makes a melody or lyric singable, pitching your song to fit different vocalists, how to leave room for vocals in your arrangements and mixes, and much more. You'll come away with tips to help your songs shine brighter, and a deeper appreciation for the one instrument we all own.

  • Vince Mendoza, composer/arranger/conductor
  • Matthew Ramsey, vocal coach
  • Autumn Rowe, songwriter/vocal coach/producer/DJ
  • Jodi Marr, songwriter/producer/talent development specialist/Professor of Songwriting, Belmont University (moderator)