Signing Story: Caked Up

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As big fish within EDM’s remix scene, Oscar Wylde and Vegas Banger have released songs on numerous noteworthy labels, like Mad Decent, Buygore and Fool’s Gold. It is common within the genre to drop tunes everywhere, but there’s one label they’re proud to call home––Dim Mak. “Every artist I’ve loved has been on that label,” discloses Wylde. “[Label founder] Steve Aoki is why I got into music.”

“They treat their artists well and make sure you’re taken care of.”

Sharing the same booking agent as Dim Mak phenomenon, the Chainsmokers, they’d performed a couple shows together when the duo behind “#Selfie” asked Caked Up to craft their official remix. The resulting chart-topper naturally caused their relationship with Dim Mak to grow. Aoki and Wylde began communicating via Twitter and exchanging tracks, making the union practically inevitable.

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Although approached by other labels, Dim Mak was the obvious choice. “It’s a family,” explains Wylde. “They treat their artists well and make sure you’re taken care of. They’re looking at the big picture;
 they’re not just trying to make a quick buck.” Although they won’t get into specifics regarding their contract, there was plenty of post-ink celebration. “They don’t tell you want to do,” Wylde continues. “They give you artistic freedom. You aren’t pressured to put something out to please a crowd. They just want you to be yourself.”

Wylde cites perseverance, keeping up with style trends and releasing tracks when you want as keys to reaching the top in their quirky genre. “And don’t pay attention to people’s bullshit,” he advises. “If people are coming at us, it means we’re doing something right.”

– Andy Kaufmann