Signing Story: A Killer's Confession

 Date Signed: February 2024 

Label: MNRK Heavy 

Band Members: Waylon Reavis, vocals, programming; JP Cross, bass; James Skritch, guitar; Will Spodnik, Kegan King, drums 

Type of Music: Metal 

Management: [email protected] 

Booking: [email protected] 

Legal: Nick Ferrara & Associates PLLC, [email protected] 

Publicity: Giovanna Melchiorre, [email protected] 

Web: akcglobalrecords.com 

A&R: Scott Givens 

A Killer’s Confession isn’t new. Previously, the alternative metal sensation was signed to EMP Label Group, the outlet founded by Megadeth’s David Ellefson. After releasing their debut, they joined Wake Up! Music Group and unleashed two more albums. That experience over, the act decided to go independent. 

As such, they were funding their next disc. “Making an album costs a lot of money,” admits Waylon Reavis, the band’s makeup-covered vocalist and sonic visionary. Naturally, there was a desire for financial assistance with hitting the studio. 

TKO Booking Agency’s Andrew Goodfriend set the tone for their fourth platter, Victim 1. Explains Reavis, “It was the first time anybody sat us down and said you need to focus on a concept.” The results were better than anyone expected. Full release in hand, Goodfriend reached out to Scott Givens at MNRK Music Group to talk it up. 

The MNRK Heavy subdivision is the perfect fit for the nu metal musicians, who are gaining serious traction but aren’t yet a household name. Despite having a roster that includes heavy hitters such as Ace Frehley and Zakk Wylde, it’s small enough that AKC know they’re going to get plenty of attention. “They want to get behind us,” says Reavis. “And that’s what you want—to not get lost in the shuffle.” 

Reavis was content to let Goodfriend assume control and make the deal. “They sent over something that was fair,” insists the former Mushroomhead singer. “We just kind of met in the middle. We agreed on things and it all made sense.” 

So far, the AKC leader remains confident that the MNRK team is standing by their word. “I’ve finally found the right home. I don’t feel like anybody’s slacking. It’s a good place to be.” 

Although the first single “Greed” was released on March 15th, fans will have to wait until the fall to hear the full-length.