Signing: SomeKindaWonderful



Sometimes you never know where life will take you. That was certainly the case with singer/songwriter Jordy Towers. He had a modest career as a solo artist, toiling in obscurity for a major label. Feeling the need to rethink his position, and determined to make some changes, he headed back to visit family in suburban Cleveland, OH. One January evening in 2013, Towers stopped at a local bar for a chance meeting with some musicians that changed his life. He met guitarist Matt Gibson and drummer Ben Schigel over some beers and found they had a lot in common. Schigel owned a recording studio that was literally down the street from the bar. He and Gibson had just lost their singer and Towers was looking for a new musical situation, so they decided to go back to Schigel’s studio and kick some ideas around. Three hours later the result became their eventual first single, “Reverse.” The succeeding days found them writing other songs that would comprise their debut album.

“It was a long reveal,” shares Gibson on the road to their label deal. “We talked to a few labels. We started talking with Downtown around June of last year and finalized the deal this winter. It took some time.”

“[We] finalized the deal this winter.
It took some time.”

They were approached by Downtown Records co-founder Josh Deutsch who heard the demo for their song “Reverse.”

“The demo for that song is the one you hear on the radio,” says Schigel. “Josh liked the fact that we were producing ourselves and doing a lot of our own visuals. We were already a packaged thing, you know?”

“Reverse” is a soul-stirring tale of love gone awry, told in a unique and compelling narrative style. The official video for the song is helmed by celebrated director Marc Klasfeld and will dovetail nicely as a promotional tool to run concurrently with SomeKindaWonderful’s self-titled album release. – Eric A. Harabadian

Photo By: Jade Ehlers