Signing Story: SmithField

In 2011, country duo SmithField voyaged from Texas to Nashville with dreams of stardom. By 2013, they’d signed a development deal with Bigger Picture Group and in January of 2014 the official recording contract was inked. They laid down their album ahead of a radio tour planned for August.

Then the label folded. Away went the deal, plus their publishing and management. They also could no longer use what they’d recorded, a scenario they’d never contemplated. “They wanted $30,000 to buy back our masters,” laments Jennifer Fielder, the pair’s female half. “We were still working part-time jobs to pay our bills. We didn’t have $30,000 lying around.” Compounding this, the label failed to pay their producer’s fee, leaving the debt to fall on the band’s shoulders.

Considering their options, Fielder concocted a plan––use Kickstarter to fund a fresh recording. They pulled in over 12K to record their debut EP, which hits stores this fall.

They also found a new publisher in Deluge Music. That partnership ironically came about via David Robkin, former CEO of Bigger Picture. Already familiar with their music and work ethic, SmithField was the first artist he contemplated when embarking upon the new venture. “He was so excited for us to come out on Bigger Picture and that never happened,” recalls Fielder. “He’s getting a second shot with us, too.” With a push to radio being the only piece missing, the publisher formed a label specifically to handle the group’s needs.

While difficult to bear, the collapse of their original scenario has ultimately proved positive. Beyond now maintaining a hand in every aspect of their career, the band members consider it a blessing to get the opportunity to re-record the album. “We’re kind of glad we got to redo it,” says Fielder’s musical partner, Trey Smith. “We got to do it the way we wanted it to sound.”

Date Signed: January 2018
Label: Deluge Records
Band Members: Trey Smith, vocals; Jennifer Fielder, vocals
Type of Music: Country/Pop
Management: Chris Alderman / Rough Hollow Entertainment, 615-840-
8996, [email protected]
Booking: WME Entertainment
Legal: NA
Publicity: Anthony Langone - Marbaloo Marketing, [email protected]
Web: smithfieldmusic.com
A&R: David Robkin, [email protected] and Mark Friedman,
[email protected]