Shure Pro Audio Workflow Webinar Series

Every Friday in May at noon CDT, the Shure Pro Audio team and special guests will walk through various aspects of a production workflow. Please join us to discuss how your peers plan and execute their events. And, as always, come with questions for our team and special guests. For an updated schedule, visit  www.shure.com/webinars.

Friday, May 1:
Wireless Workbench

See how Shure’s Wireless Workbench software is utilized in “real-world” scenarios. Wireless Workbench is Shure’s frequency coordination, control, and monitoring software for wireless mics / in-ear monitoring. We will look at the many ways it provides enhanced flexibility, control, and speed of setup in a variety of usage cases. In addition to Shure’s Pro Market Development and Artist Relations teams, we will be joined by special guests JD DuCrest (monitor engineer for Reba McEntire), Loreen Bohannon (monitor and RF engineer for Lizzo and Michael Bolton), and Christy Ilius (veteran location sound A2 from New York).

Friday, May 8:
Networking your Wireless for Live Sound

In this webinar, we will explore networking your Shure wireless gear from start to finish. Basic IP network setup, firmware updating, Wireless Workbench Control, and best practices will all be discussed. Shure makes it easy to control and monitor your devices over a network; Come see how quickly and reliably networking your wireless can be.

Friday, May 15:
Battery Management and Workflow

Join us as we dive deep into the Shure rechargeable battery ecosystem. In today’s world, we find ourselves migrating our workflow from disposable alkaline cells to newer, more efficient, eco-friendly rechargeable batteries. We will cover Shure’s offerings as used with Axient Digital, ULX-D, QLX-D, PSM, and GLX-D wireless systems as well as best practices to use in your own workflow. We will be joined by special guests from the Live Sound / Touring, and Broadcast segments to discuss how they depend on Shure’s rechargeable batteries every day for some of the largest events.

Friday, May 22:
Showlink and Remote Control

Explore Shure’s ShowLink™ remote control technology. ShowLink™ Remote Control enables comprehensive, real-time control of transmitters and the unprecedented ability to make instantaneous remote adjustments to all transmitter settings. We will explore how ShowLink™ works, how it saves valuable setup time, and also how it can make the most reliable wireless systems even more reliable. The Shure Pro Market Development and Artist Relations teams will be joined by special guests from the Live Sound/Touring communities for a discussion of exactly how ShowLink™ is used in real-world touring scenarios.

Friday, May 29:
Choosing Your Wireless Mic Capsule

We’re discussing wireless microphone capsule selection. This is sure to be a fun topic as microphone selection is a combination of artist/engineer preference as well as physics and utility. We will be joined by panelists from the Live Sound/Touring markets where will discuss pros and cons of different capsule types as well as how they approach capsule selection for some of the largest tours.

Tuesdays at 12:00PM CDT:
Pro Tech Talk

Join the Pro Market Development team for live online discussions aimed at keeping your skills sharp. We’ll answer questions about Shure gear, workflow, RF, and even bring in some special guests. Guests are encouraged to pre-submit questions and topics to guide conversation.