Logan Henderson

Signing Stories: Logan Henderson

Pop artist Logan Henderson partnered with Sony RED/Herø Records in large part because he craved the freedom, control and flexibility that was less evident throughout his major-label relationship. As a past member of pop boy band Big Time Rush, which was signed to Columbia Records (and was also a Nickelodeon show that ran for four seasons), he knew the taste of the major label life all too well.

But his signing story has its roots back when he was still in Big Time Rush. While doing a radio show, he met and connected with Brent Battles, co-founder of HERØ Records. “I was introduced to Brent by one of my tourmates back in the day,” Henderson recalls. “We hit it off. It was one of those magical meetings where you get the other person and don’t have to say much to know that you’re operating on the same wave. I’d looked around for a group that was just starting out because I like the drive and hunger that comes along with that idea. Herø was one of the companies I met with and me coming from Columbia [Records], it seemed like a good fit.

“HERØ is a group that’s helped me along and shared my vision,” Henderson adds of his feelings about his and HERØ’s current partnership. “Technically, I consider myself an unsigned artist since we’re doing [records] on a single basis; we’re working as we go along. That’s something I always wanted for this project and it was important for me not to sign with a major label right away. I wanted to get my bearings and roll out projects on my own time.”

The 2018 seven-song EP Echoes of Departure and the Endless Street of Dreams - Pt. 1 was released on May 18. Lead single "Bite My Tongue" has already earned nearly two million YouTube views. Henderson is currently on a tour that hits cities including San Francisco, Atlanta and New York. Echoes of Departure and the Endless Street of Dreams - Pt. 2 is planned for release later this year.

Date Signed: May 2017
Label: Sony RED/Herø Records
Type of Music: Pop
Management: Brent Battles, Matt Medney - [email protected], [email protected]
Booking: Cory Riskin, Ferry Rais - APA, [email protected], [email protected]
Legal: Christian Martin - Vital Leap, Inc., [email protected]
Publicity: [email protected], 310-477-4442
Web: Herø.com, musicmeetscomics.com, loganhendersonmusic.com
A&R: Brent Battles, Matt Medney