Shure Launches New Rebate Program for Digital Wireless

Live performances and broadcasts—whether on a big or small stage—are only as good as the supporting audio production and quality. Between more complex production needs, shrinking RF spectrum and the sheer number of users competing for available airspace, digital wireless needs are at an all-time high. To support and empower professionals to lean into the digital transition, Shure has announced a new instant rebate promotion for customers who upgrade to a Shure digital wireless system. Shure’s new promotion will apply to Axient® Digital, ULX-D®, and QLX-D® Digital Wireless Systems.

As the availability of usable wireless spectrum continues to evaporate, the transition to digital wireless—versus analog—is inevitable. Modern sound experiences, broadcast and theater productions, corporate facilities and educational institutions all demand a solution that enables them to operate in even the most crowded RF environments. Digital systems provide professionals, integrators, sound engineers and end-users with the ability to fit more channels into the condensed airspace for optimal performance.