Seth Glier Tour Fundraises for Autism



Singer-songwriter Seth Glier is dedicating his current tour in support of Autism Speaks. He is fundraising as well as using the touring platform to gain awareness for the not-for–profit organization as well as Autism.

In the months leading up to April (Autism Awareness Month), Seth will speak openly at every stop on the tour about his personal connection with Autism and will provide his fans with an easy way to contribute via his personal fundraising page. Every donor will receive an exclusive video file, which includes never before seen live performance footage of music from “Things I Should Let You Know”. Seth has set a $5000 donation goal for the tour; if he reaches his goal by the end of March he will perform a free streaming concert on April 2nd, National Autism Awareness Day.

For more information, visit http://www.sethglier.com.

Seth Glier - "Things I Should Let You Know" Official Video