Songwriter and musician KT Mack is driving his roots deeper into Nashville’s music scene with the launch of Park Ave West Songs. Initially founded in 2020 as a songwriter’s speakeasy to give fellow creatives a space to share and support local songwriters, Park Ave West Songs has grown into an amazing collaborative outlet for storytellers and lovers of music. This drive and dedication to the craft ultimately led to launching Park Ave West Songs Publishing (PAWS) in 2023.
Founded by KT Mack, who started chasing his hair metal, guitar slinging dreams to Los Angeles in the '90s, it was a spontaneous motorcycle trip to Nashville in 2010 that reignited his love of songwriting and appreciation for the people that create them. Since making the move to Music City in 2015, KT and his wife Carey have loved to support songwriters and are excited to take it to the next level with PAWS. 
Park Ave West Songs Publishing is excited to announce the signing of its flagship talent, Canadian-born singer/songwriter Sadie Campbell. She is currently writing and recording her first full-length album, Metamorphosis, releasing later this year as the follow-up to 2021’s Darkroom
“I was first drawn to Sadie’s powerful, raspy voice as an artist, however it was her songwriting voice that got me hooked,” shares KT. “Her courage and vulnerability as a storyteller are expressed by true life experiences lived through a creative mind. She has something to say and isn’t afraid to say it in any genre. Rock, Pop, Americana or Country, she writes from an authentic soul and I am extremely excited to work with her.”
“It’s a dream come true to work with someone with such heart, belief and tenacity like KT,” declared Sadie. “I am so honoured and excited to be part of the Park Ave West team!” 
Learn more and connect with Park Ave West Songs at ParkAveWestSongs.com.