Matt Mayhall - "Tropes" music album review

Music Album Review: Matt Mayhall - "Tropes" (6/10)

One of our most versatile drummers, Matt Mayhall has toured with the Both (featuring Aimee Mann) and performed with Liz Phair, Dar Williams, Susanna Hoffs and numerous jazz greats. His eclectic instrumental debut is an introspective “liquidy” mix of dreamy, expansive and experimental jazz fusion, dark and esoteric moods, seductive skinning and trippy exotic touches. Though meandering and melody-challenged in spots, it’s rhythmically innovative and sonically interesting thanks to guitarist Jeff Parker, bassist Paul Bryan, keyboardist Jeff Babko and tenor saxman Chris Speed. It takes the listener far off the beaten path.

Score: 6 out of 10

Matt Mayhall
Skirl Records
Producer: Paul Bryan