Rogue Radio Mod from Fallout 4

Rogue Records Launches Fallout 4 Mod "Rogue Radio" on PC

Rogue Records America has announced that its long awaited Fallout 4 hard rock/heavy metal radio station mod, "Rogue Radio," is now available on PC. Coming soon to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the PC mod is now downloadable for free in the “Mods” portion of the Main Menu of the game.

A teaser video for the launch can be seen on YouTube at youtu.be/JIvF67q1_xk.

"'Rogue Radio' took forever to make because it was the first time we ever made anything in the Creation Engine, so there was a bit of a learning curve," said label owner Dean Martinetti. "But, we got it done, and we've made history as the first record label to make a game mod for a major franchise and the first time a record label made a product that also showcased other labels' artists. It's a fine day today for Rogue.

"We also couldn't have done this without these amazing bands helping out. They are just great talents and extraordinary people."

Complete with 44 songs from Rogue Records artists and national and emerging bands from around the globe, as well as two DJ’s each with their own style and playlist, the “Rogue Radio” track listing is as follows:

Akeldama - "A New Beginning"
Amongst Thieves - "Deceiver and Panic"
Astral Display - "Breath"
Deathbreed - "Navi and New World Order"
Dischordia - "The Curator"
Lies of Nazca - "Anachronternal"
Nociceptor - "Botfly and Conduit"
Means End - "Sun Wukong"
SeeS - "Scleroderma and Turn for the Worse"
Snovonne - "Home and the Difference"
Subversion - "Born of the Sun"
Testament - "Stronghold"
DevilDriver - "Daybreak"
Soilwork - "The Ride Majestic"
Black Crown Initiate - "The Mountain Top"
Shattered Sun - "Dead Set"
Collapse - "I Misery"
the Five Hundred - "Winters"
Dead Label - "Ready to Kill"
Cambion - "Hetrodox"
Dark Sun - "Broken"
Humanity's Last Breath - "Harm and Human Swarm"
Onan - "EmoHawk"
Meta Stasis - "Kill Her"
Nightshade - "Before We Die"
Ingested - "Cremated Existence"
Downfall 2012 - "Heckler"
All Hail The Yeti - "The Art of Mourning"
Binary Code - "Moonsblood"
Ghost in the Machine - "Monster"
Heaven Below - "Scream"
Hillbilly Herald - "Suckerpunch"
Midnight Satellites - "Status Quo"
Nycosia - "Miscommunication"
Sinaro - "The Sun Burns in Disbelief"
Void Vator - "Time Has Come"
Vagus Nerve - "Pull Me out and Promised Me the World"

For more information, visit roguerecordsamerica.com.