Nashville's Songbird City Creates Custom Songs

Songbird City, Nashville’s custom song company that specializes in taking memories and turning them into melodies, has announced its official launch after a soft unveiling in April. Songbird City connects consumers looking to harness the magic of Music City by taking personal details of a loved one — or cherished experience — and turning it into a song.


Founded by Sarah Moseley and conceived in November 2020, the mission of Songbird City is to help its local community of creatives through providing personalized and unique songs for each of the company’s customers, written by Nashville-based songwriters. “To experience a song crafted by one of the artists on our roster is to experience the heart of Music City,” says Moseley.  The company proudly splits sales 50/50 with the artists on its roster and on top of that, donates 10% of the company’s share to NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), specifically their Direct Relief Fund for songwriters.


“After a devastating year for the creative community here in Nashville, I wanted to find a way to help my local music community and also provide an opportunity for songwriters to make additional money,” says Moseley. As a local songwriter herself, she began to dream up the idea of a business that offered custom songwriting services from local Nashville artists creating a unique opportunity for customers to experience the talent right here in Music City. Whether it’s to memorialize a graduation, birth, wedding or just about anything with a special meaning — like a family “Legacy” (listen here) — Songbird City has the talent and ability to create a lasting, audible heirloom.


As a reflection of the musical diversity that Nashville represents, the roster of talent that Songbird City offers ranges from Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Pop and Country.


“I was so excited to hear about Songbird City,” says singer-songwriter Kate Cosentino. “I’ve been working as a songwriter and writing songs on demand for a while now, but hearing about a company specifically dedicated to the Nashville music scene really spoke to my heart. Nashville songwriters have their own flair and being able to capture that magic and give that gift to people is something I hope everyone can experience.”


Set for October 11 at The Listening Room in Nashville, TN, Songbird City will host a special writers round-style evening of music spotlighting their talented roster, including:


Jared Anderson, Kate Cosentino, The Dryes, Sarah Moseley and Jon Worthy. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.


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