Run Deep

Album Review: Run Deep by Deva Mahal 8/10

On her intensely heartfelt, soul-searing full-length debut Run Deep, the daughter of blues legend Taj Mahal celebrates her family’s legacy–but, as per the album title, takes it into the modern era with a deeper sense of hip, edgy R&B and gospel that taps into Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones, even the militant side of Stevie Wonder. Deva Mahal couches her anthems in fresh, funky beats, jangling guitars and sizzling brass, but a more personal artistry emerges on the ballads, where her voice and minimal instrumentation carries the rich emotion. The songs started life as personal letters to herself, and that intimacy shines through even the most boisterous tunes.

Rating: 8/10
Motema Music
Producers: Scott Jacoby, Jared Wetherall