Album Review: Daytona by Pusha T 9/10

Daytona is dope, fresh and under the influence like its album cover, which pictures Whitney Houston’s bathroom the day she passed. Pusha T delivers a concise offering to add more fuel to hip-hop’s fire. According to Push, Eazy-E is the only rapper to sell more crack cocaine than him; however, lyrically Push pushes that “soft/hard white” to his clientele, giving fiends the audio candy that they’ve been eagerly waiting for. In short, to summarize Daytona, on “The Games We Play” Push raps “To all of my young niggas, I am your Ghost and your Rae, this is my Purple Tape, save it for Rainy Dayz”; “If You Know, You Know” like real hip-hoppers do.

Rating: 9/10
GOOD/Def Jam
Producer: Kanye West